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Bringing Acceptance, Courage and Balance to Professional Women

Empowering you to break free of Regrets, Fears and Overwhelm using Customized Tapping Therapeutic Techniques.

How Can I Help You?

Are you a dedicated professional woman wrestling to maintain harmony, caught up with of past regrets and fears that are hindering your journey toward a fulfilling personal and career life?

Welcome to your transformative journey. As an experienced therapist, I specialize in helping powerhouse women like you conquer their relationship and career challenges.

Using a unique blend of acceptance, balance, and courage in my programme, I will guide you to reach new summits in both your professional and personal life. These principles serve as stepping stones to unlock and magnify your leadership potential, opening doors to improved relationships and career progression.

Communication Issues

Difficulty in effective communication with their colleagues or managers, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.


Fears act as silent barriers to the growth and progression of  inhibiting you from realizing your full potential.


Holding onto regrets from past experiences can affect your current relationship.

About Me

Hello, I’m Jennifer Reefe, an experienced therapist specializing in helping dynamic women overcome relational and professional challenges. I firmly believe in leveraging acceptance, balance, and courage to unlock your unlimited potential.

“Become Unstoppable” is my a 6-step therapy program curated to support and empower professional women. It is a safe space that seeks to help women conquer professional and personal challenges, enhance relationships, and foster career progression. The program is a journey towards breaking free from any regrets or fears and achieving the state of becoming unstoppable.

The 6-Step Program:
Step One: Self-Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation to understand your strengths, limitations, past and potential hurdles. This foundation will help outline your unique therapy roadmap.

Step Two: Deep Understanding: Focuses on a deep dive into your past experiences, regrets, and fears that may be affecting your present and future.

Step Three: Acceptance: Walking through a process of accepting past experiences, understanding their effects, and using them as stepping stones towards personal and professional growth.

Step Four: Finding Balance: Exploring techniques and practices to strike a balance in your personal and professional life. It underlines mental health and stress management strategies.

Step Five: Courage Building: A challenging and transformative step where we break the barriers, conquer fears, and build courage to take on the world.

Step Six: Manifestation: Learning to manifest your desires, setting realistic goals, and fostering growth and success in your careers and relationships.

Leveraging over 30 years of prowess, Jennifer Reefe has crafted a meticulously effective therapeutic program, titled “Become Unstoppable” – tailored to guide you through a transformative journey of self-evolution, growth, and rebirth. Collectively, we will unshackle from past regrets and fears that limit you, nurturing acceptance, equilibrium, and courage in your professional and personal life.

Don’t let another moment pass to unearth the success and equanimity you’re worth. Start your journey today with Jennifer Reefe’s “Become Unstoppable” Program and experience abundant growth in both your career and relationships.

Book a consultation now and set the first stone on your road to enduring success and fulfillment.

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Sarah M.

Working with Jennifer has been a life-changing experience. Her expertise in helping professional women overcome my past regret issues has truly transformed my outlook on life. Through her guidance, I was able to identify and address the root causes of my regrets, and she provided invaluable support as I navigated through my fears. Her step-by-step approach helped me build resilience, trust and embrace our strengths. The integration of EFT tapping techniques in our sessions was a game-changer, allowing me to release emotional blockages and find a sense of balance and courage. I am forever grateful for Jennifer’s unwavering support and empowering guidance.

Emily S.

Choosing to work with Jennifer was the best decision I made for my professional relationships. Her expertise in helping professional women with overwhelming lives is unparalleled. She skillfully guided me through the process of identifying and understanding the impact of my regrets helping me navigate the obstacles that were hindering my progress. Her genuine care and deep understanding created a safe space for me to address my fears and apprehensions. I now have the tools and strategies to live a more fulfilled and empowered life.

Lisa T.

Jennifer’s expertise in supporting me and my partner who are struggling past toxic relationships that was holding my professional growth, filled with regrets, fears, and overwhelm is unparalleled. Her step-by-step approach provided a clear path for me to overcome the challenges I was facing. With her guidance, I was able to recognize and embrace my personal strengths, which has had a profound impact on my confidence and decision-making. The incorporation of EFT tapping techniques at the end of each session brought a sense of calm and clarity, helping me find acceptance and courage. Jennifer has a unique ability to create a nurturing and non-judgmental space, allowing me to explore my emotions and experience tremendous growth.

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